Do I need to log in to transcribe?

You do not need to log in to add transcriptions. However, if you would like to register, it will allow you to keep track of what you have transcribed and make comments on transcription pages. Also, registration allows the project to track our transcribers and reward those who contribute most to our transcription project. To register, please enter a user name and your email address. Once you click "Create new account," you will be sent an email containing a link. Please click on the link and create a permanent password. You are then ready to transcribe as a registered user. Please see our Privacy Policy.

What do I do if I find a mistake in the transcription?

You are able to fix mistakes made by yourself or others by simply changing the text and clicking "save".

Can I save an incomplete transcription?

If you can't complete a transcription, please select "save as incomplete." This will allow you or other transcribers to go back at a later date and complete the transcription.

What are the goals of this project?

The Transcription project hopes to make available, in a searchable form, primary sources from our collections. These materials provide an invaluable resource to historians, students, alumni, and others interested in the University of Nebraska.

What happens to the material I submit?

After we've gathered transcriptions of the the pages, we hope to make those transcribed pages available to the public for research. One example of this can be seen with the Cornhusker yearbooks, which are searchable at http://yearbooks.unl.edu.

Why transcribe, why not just OCR?

For some of the yearbook pages, Optical Character Recognition software, which automatically creates searchable text from images of text, would be a reasonable approach for some of the documents. However, many pages are hand-written or may include script, Greek characters, or distinctive layouts which would prove problematic for OCR software to read. It is our belief that human transcribers are the most effective way to create a searchable text of the materials.

Are other transcription projects in the works?

Yes, as pages on the Transcribe site are completed, the University Libraries hopes to continue to add other transcription projects.