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Annie Oakley's Many Honours.

Miss Annie Oakley's tent is next in importance among the ladies, and this clever little woman I found busily engaged in polishing a lovely pair of gold-mounted pearl-handled pistols, that had just been presented to her by a firm of manufacturers Miss Oakley and her husband, Mr. Butler are very interesting people. They have seen a great deal of the world, which seems to have used them kindly. Of course Miss Oakley's prize medais, which are numberless, have been written about before, but she has had some interesting new medals and bits of jewellery given to her lately, notably those from the London Gun Club, the Prince Regent of Bavaria, and the Duke of Manchester. The Duchess of Teck gave her a pretty bracelet with a moonstone heart and Baron de Rothschild a brooch set with lovely diamonds. When the young Duke of Orleans was here Miss Oakley shot a match with him, and found her royal opponent a foeman worthy of her steel. He performed nearly all her feats, and, in fact, acknowledged himself to be beaten only twice. He presented her with a handsome token of his appreciation.

Annie Oakley.

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