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Some time back I wrote that there was a
possibility of another champion wing shot
coming amongst us from the land of the Stars
and Stripes in the person of Miss Annie
Oakley "little sure shot," and undis
puted champion lady wing and fancy shot of
the world. By last mail I received a letter
from her manager, Mr. Frank E. Butler,
with a greeting in the shape of a neatly
designed Xmas card bearing on the inside a
true likeness of "little Annie," which she
sends with her compliments. Needles t o
say we reciprocate. Mr. Buttler says that
Miss Oakley does ot come to this country to
defeat all our pigeon shooters, but simply to
meet the Australian sportsmen, of whom she
has heard such flattering reports, and give
some exhibition, and if possible, arrange a
few matches, and just do enough to defray
expenses. Anxious as I am to see the "little
sure shot" perform with the shot gun for her
own benefit, I cannot refrain from
saying that I fear her trip will be a
failure, and I cannot see how she could
draw at either exhibition or match shooting a
sufficient number of people to repay her.
Captain Brewer was amongst us when shoot
ing was all the rage, and his visit was a dead
loss. Dr. Carver is now here, and his opinion
is that "Little Annie" would just about re
main here long enough to take the next boat
back again. One thing Miss Oakley may de
pend on is that she will get the support of
every Australian sportman, and nothing will
be left undone to make her visit a pleasant
and if possible a profitable one. Miss Annie
you may rely on having the support of the

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