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A Deserved Notice.

Many of Plainfield's sportsmen remem
ber Miss Annie Oakley, the wonderful
female pigeon shot, who gave exhibition
shoots on the Middlesex Gun club
grounds, a number of years ago, and who
was presented with a gold medal by the
members of the club. The following
deserved notice is taken from the Glas
gow, Scotland, Evening News, of Nov. 27:

Annie Oakley, otherwise Buffalo Bill's "Lit
tle Sure Shot," is really a wonderful little
woman, and has, I fancy, met more celebrities
than anyone of her years. Last night I spent
an hour in her society, and it took me the
greater part of that time to see her presents
from notablities and just skip over her auto
graph album. What a dazzling array of gold
medals and precious jewels she possesses from
great people - Kings, Princes, Dukes, and
Lords being among the donors. Among her
autographs are those of Bismarck, Edison,
and some odd Royal Sovereigns, while she
treasures more than all a dainty little letter
from that fairest and noblest of women, the
Princess of Wales. All her guns (she has a
four-barrelled one) and her pistols are
presents, and she knows how to use them. It
was no wonder she got the name of "Little
Sure Shot" from Kicking Bull, the Sioux
Indian Chief. Her own little room at the Wild
West establishment, all laid out by herself
with skins and curios, is verily "the prettiest
little parlour that ever you did spy."

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