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Letter from Annie Oakley's Manager.

The cablegram reports announcing the death
of the noted Ohio lady shot, Miss Annie
Oakley, some two weeks ago of conges
tion of the lungs, at Buenos Ayres, as pre
dicted by us is unfounded, the following letter
from her manager and husband being in proof
that she is still in the land of the living. The
letter, of which we print a copy, was yesterday
received by Mr. Al Bandle, and reads:

"ASHFORD, ENG., January 5, 1891.

"MY DEAR FRIEND AL -- For the past two weeks
a report has been going through the press to the
effect that Miss Annie Oakley died from con
gestion of the lungs. I suppose by this time it
has got in the American papers. I have an
swered more than a half thousand letters and
telegrams. Will you please ask Friend Wick
to contradict her death in the Cincinnati
papers. I am very happy and thankful to say
Annie is in most excellent health, shoots game
three days each week on the English preserves,
and having fine sport. How the report of her
death gained circulation I do not know. She
joins Buffalo Bill again at Strausberg, Germany,
in March. The report of her death, when read,
affected Annie terribly. One of the English
shooting papers has an article in this week's is
sue credited to the Commercial Gazette to this

"Mr. Leon Del Monte, a prominent Cincinnati
sportsman and author of note, has just com
pleted two plays for Miss Annie Oakley.'

"How did that leak out? With best wishes from
Miss Annie and myself to all, I am yours truly,


"151 New Bond street, London, England.

"Permanent address, Europe."

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