Sept. 17

OAKLEY—SHARP.—Nunhead, London, Eng.—Editor American Field:—A match at live blue rocks took place between Miss Annie Oakley, the American wonder, and Mr. G. Sharp, at Mr. Brown's shooting grounds on August 25. The conditions were: 25 birds each, 24 yards rise, 5 traps, 5 yards apart, English rules. Mr. T. Brown furnished the birds, and a fine lot they were. Miss Oakley was not feeling well, having suffered for several days from a severe headache. Nevertheless the little wonder would not disappoint her many friends. She made a run of 17 straight, while he opponent met with very hard luck. Her wonderful shooting seemed to "break him all up." Miss Oakley's eighteenth bird fell dead two yards out of bounds. The scores in detail were:

Miss Annie Oakley (Lancaster 20-bore, 3/4 ounce shot, Schultze gunpowder) 1111111111 1111111011 1101110—22

Mr. G. Sharp (Potter 16-bore, 1 ounce shot, E. C. powder) 1000110000 1110101111 11011—15

Several sweepstakes were shot, Miss Oakley taking three, Mr. Sharp one and Mr. T. and Master C. Brown dividing another.

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