109 00022c

The mess halls are scrubed twice everyday also
the tabeles and benches, we sweep the barrack the
first thing in the morning and then some men
appointed each day to keep it clean.
I suppose when we get back we will [dr?]
thunder. We'll jump out of bed in a hury look
all over for our leggens make the bed run out
doors and wait for rool call run back in and grab
a pan and run out to the chicken house and
wonder what the dickens is wrong with the cooks
after breakfast we will run out to a watertank
or tub of water and wash our dishes and then
cary our bed out in the front yard and grab
a broom and go to sweeping then we [dr?] go to
drilling. Mr. Corbin just got through giving
a lecture he was prety good. he [dr?] about
any kind of a noise or animal he travels around
through the camps visiting the hospitals mostly
he could make a mule laugh these Y.M.CA.'s
are great places

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