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I dont know whether we will both get
in the same company or not he dont want to
stay in there much more than 21 days or he
is [dr?] to get [dr?] sargent said this
evening that we could not get 24 hr passes
someone asked him why and he said we would
not be here very longhe said we might go
South East North or west. I dont care
much where I go what I want is the quickest
way to get the[dr?] kaiser and the more they shelp
me around the better I'll like it.
I climbed up on top of one of the big hills
here this afternoon and sur got a pretty view
of camp [dr?] and our camp it sure looks
great the camp is perfectly [dr?] at least it
looks that way looking down on it then there are
about 300 tents all the same [dr?] and in perfectly
straight rows each way and the ground is just
as clean as the floor we always have to sweep
out in front of our barrack and the dirt is put
in a [dr?] and hauled away the fellows in the
gaurd house are always cleaning up. I have
seen them with socks going through draws picking
up sticks and all kinds of rubbish.

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