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done before Lillie starts school the 24th. All well have
to do is sort the comb honey for feed + all empty sections
so that won't be so bad. The man cut the weeds on our
spuds but he won't plow them out till some time next
month. I made 7 bottles of chilli sauce yesterday
+ am getting red tomatoes right along. Well Jo Anne
kittie has 5 more kittens and one is a real three
colored one this time (Red, black, + white). I gave Mrs.
Q. the last kitten we had a week ago + she still
didn't come home so she must have her in the house
or someplave that she didn't come home. Well now
we have some more + 1 is spoken for already. Mr.
Gates, sec. wants one. Dad's been getting big rats
last week + boy you ought to see Shep get after them
+ boy do they ever like him + Shep gets so mad +
chews there backs to hamburger ha! ha! Boy your
letter come home as I got the biggest + fattest
roosters waiting for you. Jo Ann + Barbara sure
play together most the time. Today they had a big
army parade in Lincoln. There having the premire
of This is the Army. All seat for 5.50 were sold right
away + also the other for $2.20 + $1.10. All the money goes
to the Army Releif I suppose Mrs. Lewis sent you an
announcemet of "Jerrie having a son. Thats the first
time I really saw her happy since Jerrie gone. Well now
she at least has some one to take his place while he's
gone so Im glad. We didn't get our tube yet + boy I
sure do miss listening to the news. The corn is getting all
ripe so it won't be long + they'll start husking. They took all
the fence posts down from around the camp now since Italy is our
allie. Ann said they have 150 Italians there. Well write soon
again + lots of love + kisses from Your Mom. X X X X X

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