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Camp Funston Kan.
Sept 29 1917

Dear Folks,
Received your card this noon and will be
on the look out for the music and Kodak. Maybe I
will have occasion to use it soon. We had an inspection
just a few minutes ago. Each man had to strip to the
waist, yes all his clothes and was examined for general
disease and foot trouble. One or two of our men will
have to report for foot treatment but nothing more.
After the inspection the Captain came in and said
I'm sorry to announce that after the inspection
all of the original 20 men will have to report at the
hospital at 3:30 for special treatment. Then he
departed with a boad grin on his face. We are going
over at 3:30 for our third innoculation and that
was what the Cap. meant.

I spose the band will play its last concert
tonight and they will feel somewhat relieved. Walt
kinda wants to get away from Nelson. I spose there's
a reason. Maybe there wont be any band when I
get home. I hope there is tho for the band has been
a big factor in my life.

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