343 00167b

potatoes, and pudding of some kind.
Bread of course, water, no special drink.
There was a plent and I liked it. If
one doesn't get enough just go back
and if theres any left they will give
you some more. (c). I don't want the
pajamas mother. (d) The bed is good. It
is a cot, straw tick and two heavy
wool blankets, the kind the army furnishes.
(E) The suitcase is stored away and
will probably be sent back some of these
days. Some of the boys are selling their
clothes. Many men and young fellows
come to the barracks inquiring for
clothes. I won't sell mine. If I'm
not allowed to keep them I'll send
them home.

(F). I'm bugler for my regiment at
the present time using my own horn
as the bugles haven't come. I play 1st
call in the morning at 5:45, reveille at
5:55 and assembly at 6:00 Mess call at 6:15
sick call at 6:45, drill call at 7:10 , assembly
at 7:15, recall at 11:45 and Mess dinner at
12:00. Those are the AM calls excepting on
Sundays when all calls, except drill,
which isn't used at all, are a half hour
latter. The afternoon calls are drill call at
12:55, assembly at 1:00, recall at 4:30, first call

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