109 00020b

and we have what is called a canteen
wagon every day except Sat. and Sun.
He can buy candy (Unrecognizable word) and (Unrecognizable word)
They is about fifty of us here now
coming in and going out all the time.
I say. an officer come in and asked me
if I had trouble in Examination.
I told him I went back twice.
He asked me if I was able to walk.
I told him he would have to see
our head nurse. 1 Lt said I was
up before the Board of discharge
on account of poor eyes.
For I don't know if I am drawing
any oay or not. The boys want to
bet me that I am canned.
Perhaps they will put me at something else.
[dr?] eyes must test 20/20 for Infantry
and the very lowest, even for Hospital
work must not be under 20/70 and
mine went to Washington at 20/100 [dr?]
[dr?] I wonder if my Nebr Insurance

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