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Res Inter Alios Acta

Prof. H. H. Wilson: "Mr. Donohue, what is meant by res
Donohue: "I'll pass."
Prof. Wilson: "I guess I'll order you up, then."
But Donnie had no trumps and was soon euchered.

E. C. Smith, after giving everything but the point in the case
said: "In this 'shere' case it seems that she was a relative of Mr.
Blondine, 'bein' Blondine's wife."

Prof. Robbins: "Mr. Roth, could a married woman at common
law sue alone?"
Roth: "Not unless her husband was dead."

Prof. Robbins: Mr. Hughes, what would you do if the petition
alleged that the wife's husband was dead?"
Mr. Hughes: "I'd---absque hoc."

Prof. Robbins: "Mr. Donohue, what would you do if the de
fendant lied in his petition?"
Donohue: "I'd demur."

Justice Lundberg: "If you use any more of that language to
the court, Mr. DeVoe, I will fine you for contempt of court."
DeVoe: "Yur honor, I have been very careful not to express
my contempt for the court."

"Your honor," said Hagelin to the justice of the peace, "if Mr.
Roth would keep awake he wouldn't have to ask for the questions
to be repeated."
Mr. Roth: "May it please the court, the attorney on the other
side is so darned slow it is difficult for anyone to keep awake."


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