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Class Directory

ANDERSON---If wanted quick, bet a dollar on something.

BAKER---Incorporation of beef trust. "Beefs" at Lobby's outline.
"Sold" a little now and then. If wanted, look for pipe and
deck of cards---he's there.

CAREY---Do you want him? Borrow telescope and look among the
clouds. Only reached by wireless telegraphy.

COAD---President of "Doodie Woodie Club." If wanted after sup
per, find the lady and then explore her waist for his arm.

DOBLER---Can always be found making up just after advance lesson
is assigned.

DONOHUE---Always found with Miss Hennessey.

FRANCE---Sample of Parisian gallantry "encroaching upon the U.
S. Can be found most any time after supper acquiring terri
tory in affections of some "daughter of liberty."

HAGELIN---Bookworm. Look for one active as snail with nose
screwed in a book.

JAMES---Can be found standing in class with mind wandering.
Needs a directory. He don't know "where he's at."

O. E. JOHNSON---Office in "bashful flats." No ladies allowed to
call. Must "ring up."

LEDWITH---Night-watch. Works other side of street with McNish.
Goes to bed so late meets himself getting up for breakfast.

LUNDBERG---Self-made man. Poor job. Worships his maker. Can
be found at worship any time.

McGREW---To be found with Wilhite.

McNISH---Night-watch and manager of private telephone system.
Can be found from 8 to 12 in evenings "strolling."

PATTERSON---Look in bath tub.

PETERSON---Can be found "after Patterson."

PTAK---Call up Baker and his pipe---Ptak's there playing cards.


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