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KRUSE, A. A. - Big broad shoulders and a sandy mustache -
Deep down in his heart he would like to make a mash.

KENAGY, A. G. - "A wise soul, and full of promise."

KIMBALL, GEO. P. - A drawing card at the conserv and quite useful
to his papa.

LANGLEY, H. G. - I know a girl that said, "He's a peach,
It's just a shame he's going to preach."

LATHROP, EDITH - Her main delight is botany.
She teaches the Preps their A. B. C.

LEE, GEO. A. - A steady lad who never sparks,
Forever he's faithful to --- ---.

LEONARD, WALTER - I assure you he is quite lovable; and besides,
ladies, he dances.

LINDEMAN, H. - That smile, that smile, that happy smile,
How many a heart it may beguile!

LIPP, F. M. - A good fellow, and handsome as the devil. I never saw him angry.

LOOMIS, LUCINDA - - Well, we have never said enough about her, but we all like her and wish her well.

When Fling said, "Don't get married, little girls,"
then Margery shook her pretty curls.

LOVITT, W. W. - Tall, thin, and lugubrious - what an anomaly of a

LONG, WALTER - He is Ward's man Friday, an assstant in Chem,
And at cutting up stiffs they say he's a gem.

McCAW, S. H. - He is McCaw, he's a Delta Tau,
He's the nicest boy you ever saw,
He's clean and neat and mighty sweet,
And when he dances he moves his feet!

McDILL, ALICE - "One can not think of harm or malice
In one who bears the name of Alice."

McGEACHIN, WILL - That's the main part of him - the will. He
has a touch of Scotch grit.

McLENNAN, JEAN - We've heard that she can speak her mind
In language not the preachy kind.


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