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HUGHES, WINIFRED - She is little, but she's bright,
Stories and essays she can write.

HAMILTON, G. M. - He will take your picture on sight - also your
money. Beware his oily tongue.

HANSEN, D. - Well, De, really there's nothing to say about you.
We can't make empty rhymes. You know your own worth
better than we.

HARTZELL, LAURA - She speaks with evident veracity,
We envy her that earnest simplicity.

HEDGE, U. V. - He's been a long time at it, but at last we see him
His occupation out of school is that of sellign gas.

HESS, FRED - A silent boy, he never talks,
He always moves whene'er he walks.

HILTNER, WALTER - Is he working Ward or is Ward working him?
Whoop-la - fire fight fire!

HULL, A. M. - Black his hair, and black his eyes,
To fall in love he vainly tries.

HURTZ, LEONARD - His face is round and fat
We'll let him go at that.

ITTNER, EDNA - She does not care for society,
She's a model of propriety.

JOHNSON, FRED - Freddy came from way down south,
Freddy was a D. K. E.
Rushed around with Delta U's,
"They're the next best frat," says he.
Freddy liked the girls a few,
Hates the darkies - well, I guess!
Played the southern gentleman
Rather well, we must confess.

JOHNSON, GEO. A. - N. B., this is not the Johnson who sings.

KAAR, G. C. - A sporting man of rare parts. The only thing he
never loses is his self-respect.

KRASNEY, EMIL - Short and serious, he has an accent,
That quickly betrays his foreign descent.


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