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ELSON, MYRON D. - An engineer of promise. Electricity is his salvation.

ELSON, TOMMY - We can live without music, we can live without
But civilized man can not live without Cooks.

ENGEL, CHAS. - Hands in pockets,
A queer, lazy walk,
Plenty of manipulation,
Very little talk.

ENSIGN, ALICE - Though an Ensign, she never flaunts.

FAIRCHILD, W. J. - Long, lank, and fair. Takes the jug to the
English; also the old maid left-overs.

FEE, O. J. - He reverence the Powers that be.

FERGUSON, J. M. - He plays basket ball,
You can tell it by his cap.
On any side in politics
He's always - on - top.

FERGUSON, O. J. - Jimmie got your piece of poetry. He is always

FILLEY, H. G. - He's all write - but you can hardly read him.

FINLAY, SYLVIA - Behind the counter she hands out checks
And keeps the wraps for the feminine sex.

FOWLER, SADIE - A lovely dream, a butterfly,
She always goes a-flitting by. - So fast, O my!

FOX, T. W. - He's an awful solemn cuss - don't you think so?

FULK, J. R. - Passingold and full of cares
You'd never catch him putting on airs.

GIBSON, ADA R. - A pretty little dear.

GILBERT, A. W. - Addicted to bicycle clothes and Y. M. C. A.

GLOVER, CLARA M. - Afflicted with the red-ink habit. And she has
a Case! - O my!

GOLDEN, J. P. - He's been at Annapolis - but alas! not for long,
His heart - and his politics! - were wrong.


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