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CATLIN, C. N. - They say he's a brother to W. B.,
That's all we know about him, you see.

CLARK, LUCY M. - Tall and stately, with a touch of silent grace.

COMSTOCK, ADA D. - The only girl you won't find in talk
When into the seminar room you walk.

CONTRYMAN, MARGARET - A frivolous lass. She will laugh till the
tears run.

COOK, CAROLINE - She's too self-sufficient to need a man by,
And yet that pin is surely Phi Delta Phi.

COOK, FLORENCE - The prophecy of her domestic felicity belies not
her name.

CRABTREE, CLARA M. - She is bright, she she is smart,
Her name's engraved on H-'s heart.

CRAFT, CHAS. P. - "Words are not adequate to express my feelings
in regard to the situation."

CRAIG, CLARA - She has store of common sense,
And yet you will not find her dense.

CRANE, C. - A practical youth. His appetite for electricity is shocking.

CROOKS, CLIFF - You just should see him in his uniform,
He takes all the ladies' hearts by storm.

DOUBT, SARAH - O Sarah, doubt not you shall win, -
To capitalize that doubt would be a sin.

DURAS, JOSEPHINE -- Empress Josephine's tender heart
Has never been piercced by Bupid's dart.

EDGERTON, CLAUDE - Mild and short-sighted, prone to botanize,
With young ambitions grown to monstrous size.

EGGE, MARGARET E. - She is an ex-school marm, also a knocker, It takes but very little to shock her.

ELLIS, INEZ - She never has had any time to play,
She has always worked for that P. B. K.


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