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This mode of settlement marks the dawn of a new era in
love entanglements and were it not that the portion of Mc
seems to be an unjust ratio, considering the amount invested,
we would regard this solution as an ideal working out of a
vexed question. The whole thing proves that the good are
the salt of the earth and that the impious and worldly youth
must pay for his enjoyment while his religious brother
smoothly glides by in his free conveyance, paid for by his
superior profession.

Lee says he pins his faith to the adage, the good die young,
but he fears that Mc is too hardy a fowl to succumb even
to the oppressive and racking croup of piety that he is subject
to, in and out of season.

Senior Board Meeting

Place-English Seminar Room.
Time 12 M, Thursday.
First Voice: "Say, have you got those answers for No. 16?"
Second Voice: "Yep. That's How we recreate."
Third Voice: "Any good?"
Fourth Voice: "Tuk says he studies."
"Read Lena Anthony's."
"My chief recreation is interviewing the mail box in
Uni. hall. Never get any mail, but it is a pleasure to stand
there and incidentally get stood on."
"Gee. Never heard of anybody before who liked to get
stepped on."
"Sleeth says he works."
"Well a change is a rest."
"Helen Seeley studies."
"Oh, she'd better jolly up and take a little bench work."
"Here's Compton's. 'Domestic Theatricals are his
"I wonder if he means learning to dodge flat irons?"
"Edith Jackson answers Senior questions."


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