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Now it came to pass in those days that there arose in the
land mighty men and strong. They were brainy men and
maidens pursuing the ignis fatuus of a higher - eductation -
for - life's - work and were about to depart from their
university stamping grounds and to launch out on the
illiterate world.

Now amongst these luminosities there were two young
braves who were much noted; the one for his choice brand
of calf - bound piety, the other for his pretty rosy cheeks and
general air of freshness. The former answered to the name
of Mc, the latter was denoted as Lee, the man of destiny,
(the particular brand of desiny was not marked). These
two became imbued with the idea that man must not dwell
alone, so they both began to seek for a congenial victim to
inflict themselves upon. Now it changed that both met in
the same divinity their ideal and forthwith the fun began.

For several moons chaos reigned and the first on the scene
was the victor, but one day these rivals met in joint assem
bly and promulgated a creed of belief and an order of action.
It was agreed that Mc, being a pious and unworldly minded
youth, should have dear Gracie's company to church, ten
cent soicals, and other forms of cheap and moral amusement,
while Lee, the degenerate, was to have the solace of her fair
face and form at the shows, the lectures, the dances and other
modes of worldly dissipation. So a programme was arranged
each month and the dates and hours were definietly settled.
Even te hours when library flirting was to be carried on,
were determined and divided between these lads, and har
mony settled down upon the scene with a gentle sigh of

The schedule is at present in force, and if Lee does not
become bankrupt before June, no new developments are
expected; but if he does, and Mc insists on continuing on the
present allotment, there may be need of an arbitration board
sitting upon the affari.


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