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sex," so spitefully that we suspect it is the other way. Thomson
admits that he is, but excuses himself on the ground that he was
hypnotized; and Whipple that it had become a habit. Wilson
resists when he is sober. Cramb yielded to save Junior Prom.
bills, Rain to satisy public opinion, and Miss Macfarland because
she thought she might never have another chance.

"The great American eagle has spread its wings and shall
not return to its parent shell."

Pandora of modern times, our lady is,
With sparkling eyes that all things see,
And ears that hear, from far or near,
Whatever may be said.

"What's this you say?" "Who came to call?"
"Who asked you for the Prom.?"
"I think you might- oh, tell me, please!
I'll promise not to tell."


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