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"What Brought Us Here."

The reasons which we had origianlly for coming ot the U. of
N. have all faded away, and we feel now that were we to decide
again with oput present knowledge of the school, that we would
come for pure love of our alma mater, and for the pleasant life
we would have within its walls.

Nevertheless, we can recall a few of our reasons. Baer says
he came because ma would not come to him. Stoltz, "because
ma did not need me at home." "A.B. and fixin's were the
aim of P.H. Thompson. Sloan, of Iowa, "because his own
state had nothing good enough for him." Hawxby believes in
getting back the worth of his father's taxes. "Source method"
encouraged Clark. Hulett is frank and says "I lost all of my
cash, was out of job, and having nothing else to do, came
here and slung hash for a living." Our friend Mumau says he
came to avoid Doane. One reports that he had the choice
between this university and the home for the feeble-minded.
We leave the reader to guess this was B--tt. Sawyer came
"because papa wanted me to." Christie to specialize in bench
work. Sheldon says, "Dime-museum work didn't pay." Claude
Staley wilson came to get over his bashfulness, but he says he
has not succeeded; we agree with him. Bean came into town
from Worthington, fire department, responsible. Kind came
"for love;" Lyon to avoid Sing Sing.

Of girls: Miss Pentzer claims she flunked out of high
school. Miss Fox came for "cultuah; wasn't that propah?"
Bessie Brown to spend her papa's money. Mable Cleveland
was allured by the singing of the Glee Club. Jane Macfarland
wanted to help build up the University. Nelle
Randall was too young and innocent to go far
from home. To cultivate forget-me-nots was the
aim of Amy Shively. Gertrude Gardner migrated
from Wesleyan because they would not have her
any longer.

We think the broadest and most altruistic
reasons were displayed by Mrs. Reid, because
she says, "I did not want my husband to be
lonesome while here."

Just think what he has begun.


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