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March 10th 1918
Dear folks
Well I've had not heard from
you yet so I will write you again.
We are at the YMCA tonight.
They treat us boys fine.
Stationary [Sectues] Moving [Dictmp] and
no all free. We are now in
Uniform and are what a Soliders
now. We were [dr.?]
examanation Wed Morning. I failed on
eye sight. I [dr.?] know if I will
stay or not. Dont [dr?]
of these days. Sagarent[sargent] [dr?] me
last night [dr?] that I would be
called for the last Ex [dr?]
But don't think to strong[dr?]
is lots of coal here to unload.
That dont take strong eyes.
I think they will [dr?] me for something
So for I like it fine

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