109 00011b

were not here quit all of March so that account
for the other $9.50. That insurance is a prety good
thing but I hope I never have to draw on it
and dont think I will unless I fall down stair
in the hospital or drop something on my toes.
Sometimes I wish I was in the infantry but
this may be a prety good thing. We have got
a whole lot to [learn?] yet before we go accross.
That is if we learn it good. We will have to
study french and learn to bandage, but the
time goes prety fast and we will be across
before we know it. I hope so anyhow.
I want to see how it feels to get seasick but
I think I will be ready to come back in a
week or two after I get there.

I went to the ME Church in Allentown Sunday
evening. It is a fine big church with a
pipe organ. Alvin saidin his letter that Edith
had the German measels. Tell her that if I was
going to get the measels I would try and get
them of a Frenchman, B.R. I might of got them
myself last winter out south. Well anyway
I hope she gets rid of them soon. I had a sore
throat for a few days. Thought I has every
disease there is going but I got rid of it and

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