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on the frontier. First comes Master Johnny Baker, the young frontiersman, a typical Western marksman, who is quickly followed by the Crossacks from the Caucasus, in their wild and reckless feats of horsemanship, giving way to another type of crude equestrianism by the Mexican Rurales. Then are seen broncos of the Western plains jumping hurdles. The home life and amusements of the typical American Cowboys are illustrated, showing the conquest of the horse by man, episondes of most exciting character, lassoing wild horses, buck jumping and other surprising efforts; Monster International Musical Drill; the attack on the Deadwood stages coach, a famous and soul-stirring incident of border life most graphically depicted; bareback riding on Indian ponies by jubenile redskins;
by uncle Sam's veteran gunners; the arbiter of the fate of nations; duel of the cannoneers; the bola throwers and dexterous horsemen of South America, the Gauchos of the Pampas of the Argentine; great combinations of horsemanship and marksmanship by Col. Cody. (Buffalo Bill); appearance of the last living herd of American buffaloes in the vivid picture of the great scout and his companions hunting the bison.
"last scene of all this strange eventful history," and one of surpassing truthfulness, presents the home of the early settler. The rude cabin is there; the sun is setting; it will soon be time for the pioneer to return. His brave and loving helpmeet is busied with the homely preparations for the evening meal, a rude repast sweetened by honest toil. The frontierman comes slowly homeward on his weary steed. All is peaceful, yet shadowy forms are on his trail; they flit tealthyily about, appearing and disappearing. The tethered steed lifts his head and sniffs nervously, scenting danger in the air. Presently the sharp crack of a rifle tells the tale of the shadows. Indians have attacked the cabin. The frontiersman barricades his door and keeps up a deadly fire upon his foes. They are too numer-ous; they fire the cabin. The tragedy will soon be over! But no! there, far away, is seen the outlines of the king of scouts leading his friends who hae been with him on the trail of the red men, and in a breath the combat is on. It is short, sharp and decisive, and soon the Indians, who have not been killed, are on the run. The pioneer's rescue is accomplished. But ah! some other day - who can tell?

The reader's attention is called to the decorative boarder on this page, representing actual delegates from the group and detachments of the various Nations, Races and Military Arms that form the
Inviting Critical and Close Inspection as one of the most inspiring Sights Ever Witnesssed.

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