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In that way only can the mind grasp fully through the eye the fact that it is absolutely unique in its every feature, and is not alone the greatest, but is the best and most valuable object lesson in the history of our common country ever conceived or carried into maginificent, colossal and effective execution by the genius of man. It pictures faithfully, because the actors in this great drama of civilization are not mimic artists, but are the veritable heroes of the real conflicted waged to proclaim civilization and freedom from Ocean to Ocean, and from Gulf to Gulf. Truth is stamped upon its every act and illuminates its every illustration. The inspiration of the participant is not alone in the ringing cheers of the spectators who crowd the arena, btu is in the kindling memories of the days now passed when the crack of the rifle and the war-cry of the Indians were gruesome sounds indeed.


The magnitude of such an undertaking as is presented by the Wild West would appall the stoutest heart and most enterprising impresario. To transport from place to place an army of men and horses, to provide seating accomodations, not in the canvas tent of former days, but out under the canopy of the vaulted dome of Heaven, where alone these children or nature are seen at their best, was a marvelous undertaking. The commissariat, too, presents difficulties even in a land flowing with milk and honey, for theirs is a peaceful conquest and no forced levy can be made for food and shelter. To turn a vast arena from the inky blackness of night to the broad glaring effulgence of day required ingenuity and expens: yet here it is accomplished by the aid of the greatest movable electric lighting plant ever devised or executed, and this marvelous aggreation fo historical surpassingly brilliant tableaux of frontier life has been transported to and presented in every Capital in Europe and visited by all the Rulers of the World, both temporal and spiritual. Its combination of the educational and instructive with fascinating and thrilling enjoyment cannot be too strongle realized, and it is absolutely novel and unique, neever having bee attempted before in the world's history.
To the young it is an indispensable lesson, teaching history, ethnology, strategy, valor and patriotism in a way to impress it upon the mind with such that the impression can never be dimmed. To complete the value of this marvelous object lesson, there are here gathered together for the invaluable purpose of comparison before the eye, all the primitive horsemen of the wide, wide world-- from every continent and every clime they come to tell their tale of how life is lived under the varying conditions presented on the world's surface. Once within the portals of the Wild West, a marvelous transformation is witnessed, which makes one rub his eyes and wonder if he has been transported on the flying carpet of the Arabian Nights, from his 10th century home to the foothills of the Rocky Moutains. Here all is primitive, new and startlingly realistic.

HERE YOU SEE THE RED MAN AT HOMEensconced with squaw and pappoose within the huts of skin and sinew, the campfire burning and nothing changed from the days when our Pilgrim Fathers landed on the bleak shores of Massachusetts. Here the Stoical Chieftain stalks proudly by with the stately head-dress for which he despoiled the pinions of the mighty eagle, emblem of our and his country. Ministering to his wants and those of her offspring are the devoted women of the race that furnishe us the romantic stories of Pocahontas and of Minnehaha. Here is the home life vividly realized of a great nomadic race which once owned a continent, and which in a few more years will be numbered with the lost tribes of antiquity. Now floats across the air the strains so dear to every patriotic heart of "The Star Spangled Banner." From their point of vantage the music of the famous Cowboy Band fittingly introduces the great exhibition with the national anthem.

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