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Allentown Pa. Mar 9. '18

Dear Mother—:
I received your letter yesterday.
Was sure glad to get it and will answer it
tonight. I think I have writen more letters
since I have bin in camp than all the rest of
my life, but the paper and envelopes do not
cost anything here at the y and we can buy
stamps here and mail the letter and there are
always about 100 other fellows writing.
We got our first pay yesterday $20 50/100. I
thought at first someting was loose but I
found out that they had to take out $6.50 for
life insurance. I took out $10,000 at Riley. They
took us all down to the y there and a fellow
gave us a lecture. He said that 97% of the
fellows that were there before we came took
out the full amount and that the ones that
didn't were fellows that were in the gaurd
house most of the time so nearly everyone of
us took out the full amount. And we

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