Joseph F. Dolezal, WWII Letters

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so now Aunti K. has two boys gone and maybe Edward will have to go too. Do you ever hear from him? The one who took your picture sure did a good life like job. Was it taken in Little Rock or in Camp? You don't know how we prize that picture. Joann just yelled "Joie" when she saw it and kept a kissing it that we had to hide it or else it would be a mess even before the girls saw it. I bet even your tear gland got a jurk when you saw Joann's snapshot no? Boy that kid, she said "I wonder if Joie smell me now." She's the same "stinker" she ever was and will be our little pil. Yesterday and today are real spring days so are the bees happy flying around. the ground is drying up. There seems to be no frost in the fround at all. The snow and ice all melted as it didn't even freeze over night. Frances told us Mrs. Lewis said she beard form you again so I'm glad. "Let by gones be bygones." So Jerrie left again. I wonder how long Mildred saw him this time. I left the old hens into there pen oudoors but the old fools like the brooder house better anyhow. There isnt a day we don't get from 3 to 5 eggs a day. I have 23 of them so the rest better get busy and start layin gor there days will be numbered. ha! ha! The road is pretty smooth now. They moved that rockcrusher away already. The street can busses still go the other way but the R. R. busses go this way already and what trafic in the morning from 7 to 8:30 and then again from 4:30 to 6 going to and from the air base. Boy Sunday I could hardly pray in church. There were 3 sergants sitting in front of us and they must have been up all night (two of them at least) for as soon as they'd sit down there heads would go to a side

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so now she has enough dresses and kunkalyly for a while but you can't get no elastic at all so I had to find all the old "kunks" and get the elastic off of them and I found enough too. Poor Marie sure had her trouble withthem teeth didn't she but Thank The Lord she's got them out already. Were getting ready to send her her birthday gifts. Guess what Dad got her? the swellest and 17 Jewel Duren wrist watch a real gold and the watch itself is smaller than a dime imagine. He bought it from Mont. Wond for $20.00. I sure was suprised to see it. Its in a sweel box so boy will she be suprised and tickled as hse said she wished, she had one but will wait till some "sweetie" will buy one for her so her sweetie did ha! ha! We get her a couple of swell dresses and the rest wil lget her something nice too. How I wish the two of you could come home together. Maybe you will as she said as soon as she hears your leaving for home she'll leave too so we hope it turns out that way. The landers were over Sun. They said Nolfad is still in the Hiawria Islands. H's still an M. P. Old man Berrie's house is still empty. Every one just takes me look and leaves. We put an ad int he Shopping Guide but no renters yet. He wants 15.00 a month with an acre and a half of ground. Last night they had a test black out but it wasn't so good ha! ha! Next time they say it will be better. Old Shp is pretty good. well Ill quit for this timeas I want to write to Marie too. Lot of kisses an dlove and luck from your Mom. XXXXXXXXXXXX

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[1943] Thursday 6:45 P.M. March 4

Dearest Joie: Rec. your most welcome letter yesterday and was sure glad to get it. Well Joie Dad and I went to town this morning to see if we coild get the things you wanted. I got you the house slippers but they don't have no 1/2 sizes in house slippers so I had to ger you a size 10 so I sure hope there not too big for you. Dad went looking around for the watch but he's soory to say there isn't a watch in Lincoln. You know after I received your letter yesterday asking for the watch so I hurrined and looked into Mont. Wards new catalvy and by jinkes they didn't hace them there so I kind of thouhgt right away it will be hard to get one. Dad took your "Elgin" to the jewlers to see if it could be fixed so tomorrow the jewler will let him know so Dad is sure hoping he can get it fixed up for you. Then he went ot Safeway for that brown shoe polish. All they had was the black and then the liquide brown. Well he said he'll try that other Safeway by Teachers College and I said Ill look at Grants and all the rest of the dime stores and I found out they only had the liquid too. Dad wasn't back yet when I got through so I knew he's trying all the stores and then finially he came

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put it in your pocet book. So when you come home you can buy yours self someting for it. Well we got 7 new rabbits they was born 7th of June and they are nice also pigen are getting Jong one all time so we have lot of live stok. Oh boy you outo see are trees they sure are growing and so the corn and potatoes we have some as big as eggs. Well I got more stamp for my car on B. book. I din't have to fill tha paper that they gace me. I write them a letter and said I wish they send me more staps and they did. And I put new roof on pigen house. I bought havy with sand on it green cost 2.35 roll and sure look good. And it keep me busy cut grass around the bees and trees when rain all time. Anna cut grass round the house nad some time Francis or Lillie. Joann got a doll house. You know that box we had in house for water sink. You got it from Lewis I will but roof on it some time this week. she sure like that little house a Capital Beach Camp every time we go by she say I wish I had it so I will make her one someting like it. We got letters form Marie last week so I will have to write her few line also so I will stop for this time. next time I will write more news. So I wish you lot of luck and health from yours dady. ----- Write again when you get time.

P. S. Just for fun went to look into the basement and what did I find? A flood. 1/2 the basement full of water. So we have a job cleaning it out. I sure wish it wold stop raining for a while. I bet Salt Creek is gpoing over again. It did yesterday at Antelope Park and Hickman was flooded too. They say Ne. City, Auburn, Peru, Beatrice have had big floods for the past week and the corn is all washed out. Ever since you left weve been having them big rain storms. Am I glad Dad put that roof on where the pigeons and old hens are. Thye really were in a mud hole for a while. The old cat sure brings a lot of meal for her kittens every day she brings gophers field mice and even mice sized rabbits so are the kittens fat. ha! ha! Mom XXXX

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[2] and brough 4 jars of the brown shoe polish O.K. So was he glad. He got a jar at home just like it and it sure does shine the shoes so I hope you like it as that is all he could get. Boy this war is sure putting a "crimp" on lot of things isn't it? Today I used some of my ration stamps. Boy I'll hace to watch now so I should have enough to do us. ha! ha! I usually have plenty sugar and coffee to do us so maybe I'll have enough ration points too. It sure turned cold Tue and Wed nearly zero but to day it got a lot warmer but not for long as they broadcast another cold zero spell is on its way and night now the wind (North is blowing like a lion nad its getting pretty cold so we have to put on more coal ha! ha! I think we'll have plenty coal to do us as we have quite a bit left (around 2 ton I think that is kitchen and dining coal together) so we wont freze. That wind i ssure whipping the dust from the road into the house and is everything dusty outdoors me on my. Ann has to work till 9 today so we will ship you the slippers and polish in the morning. I washed yesterday and also washed and streched my dining room curtains as they sure were dusty I usually do them

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