Nebraska Discovery Letters



The letters presented in this Transcribe UNL project are primarily those created by University of Nebraska faculty or others involved in the discovery and development of Nebraska. The majority are letters associated with research on the natural environments of Nebraska and connections among colleagues in the state or elsewhere.

Additional letters, such as those from William Payne, highlight the early development of the state of Nebraska, detailing economic development and associated endeavors. The Allen R. Benton letters are written to his father while he served as chancellor at the University of Nebraska from 1871-1876 and detail his experiences while living in Lincoln.

The largest set of letters are those of Professor Charles Bessey, who served at the University of Nebraska as a teacher and as an administrator. When transcribing a letter from his papers (developed from microfilm copies of originals) it's possible to see his views associated with the historic administration of the University. To learn more about Bessey, please check out this student project, "Charles E. Bessey: The Man Behind the Building" on Nebraska U. If you find a person or topic that you want to know more about - let us know! Email us at



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