William Payne, Letters, 1865-1869

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August 6th [illegible]

Mr Thos J Payne Dear Brother, I reckon Maria will give you all, all the news, whilst she is with us, she seems to enjoy her visit very much They were all out west yesterday, about nine miles to a chicken pic nic, Maria + Mollie left about sun rise with their escort for the purpose of killing the chickens for dinner, there were others done the same thing -- of course they had a nice time Maria see Matts letter last evening My love to all, Wm Payne

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Nebraska City Feby 23 1865 Mr Thos J Payne Dear Brother As I have not written you a letter Since I have been afloat, I thought I would drop you a few lines, I had quite heavy a rain from St Jo up to this place, I saw Bob Patrick in St Jo. [?] then came up with me and are now in the city. Every thing is very high here, impossible to rent a farm or house, the only chance for a man to get into any thing like comfortable quarters is to board or purchase. You see many wayfarers I calculate to try boarding awhile, stock is bearing good prices, but few selling. There seems to be a stagnation in the mule market, owing to the indian difficulties.

I shall remain in and about [St. Jo] the city for several days. Bob is at Sidney Iowa, setling there. I think his prospect is good.

If [Hindries] is at Fayette, try and get my quarters salary up to January last $50, you can sign the receipt for me, or Ill put my name upon a blank place so you can write the receipt above, if you can get it. I reckon it is not worth while for me to run for the directorship as the probablities I shall not be there soon.

I should be glad if you see Bill Baskett, I wish

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you would see if he can pay off the note I hold upon him, it is $700, interest nearly 2 years, it would be very swell to have it so I can command it at pleasure, you succeed in collecting those two amounts you can remit them to me at Sidney Iowa to the Care of Robert, I should like to receive a letter from you at any time and any inform -ation I can give you or any of our friends will be done. The streams have sweep off the bridges over them it is with difficulty you can get about throught the county.

I am well and have been since I saw you all, the mails are behind with us here owing to the bad roads &c

I remain your brother [truly?] Wm Payne

P.S. if you have no use for my signature tear it off or destroy it. W Payne

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Nebraska City Monday Morning April 24 1865

Dear Brother Thos

This is the first time since you left me, nothing new since you left here, weather has moderated some, yesterday quite pleasant; this morning a little cooler & quite windy, Wilson property sold Saturday for about $1600, I have heard nothing about the property we were trying to buy since you left, I am now living with Dick Simpson I read a letter from my wife the next morning after you left, informing me that she expected to come up on the Glasgow start about the 20th inst, I learn the Glasgow is behind time, if so you may see her before she leaves, Montgomery Linty of Boon landed here yesterday, he has not been at home since last Nov.

I hope you will write me as soon as you land at home, I shall write you again tomorrow eve.

My love to all,

Your Brother truly Wm Payne

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Nebraska city Monday morn [April] May 1st 1865

Dear Brother I have neglected to write you for several days, N. Simpson, failed to get the house has [closed] on it, and [sentry], a portion of the two story white house, garden, correl, stable. Where Mr. Foulton lives just across North Table creek you [illegible] the place that Buc Foulton showed us, the man asked ten thousand dollars for Simpson give $400 sent for what he get, [?] Foulton that lives in the place sents the 40 acres [out?] out for one half the man, maker, there is a little more than 40 acres in the farm &c

My wife and little girls land at the warf Saturday Eve about 2 o'clock, all well, Had quite a pleasant trip up, 9 days out from Roche, good boat to [?] Capt much of a gentleman also the crew, if you determine to come I would advise you to board her if you can, charges her & [?] $25 each, children $10 each, two horse $10 each whic makes $90 for lot. My wife speaks very highly of the capt good many ladies got of here. Rhodes & [?] from Brunswick &c I shall not write you for a few days unless something of importance happens, untill I see a letter from you weather a little cool Your brother Wm Payne

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