Centennnial History of the University of Nebraska, by Robert Manley

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Centennial History of the University of Nebraska 1. Frontier University (1869-1919) Robert H. Manley University of Nebraska Press Lincoln

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Publishers on the Plains UNP Copyright 1969 by the University of Nebraska Press All rights reserved Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 69-11776 Manufactured in the United States of America

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Dedicated to the memory of Mamie J. Meridith and James L. Sellers two devoted University teachers, who more than any other persons of my acquaintance, represented the spirit of the University of Nebraska

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The history of the University of Nebraska reflects and parallels in countless ways the history of the great state which brought it into being and which it has served throughout the century of its existence. Like the proud story of the pioneers, this volume devoted to the University's first fifty years is an inspiring record of steadfast purpose in the face of adversity and of continuing achievement despite what at times seemed insuperable odds. It will bring to the reader a new understanding of the diverse and complex elements which have gone into the shaping of a great institution of higher learning and a fresh appreciation of the University's myriad contributions to the economic, social, and cultural development of Nebraska and its geographical region.

In presenting this first of two volumes of the University's history, we wish first of all to express our deep gratitude to Mrs. Martha McKelvie, whose generous gift in memory of her late husband provided for its writing and publication, and will also make possible the second volume. Mrs. McKelvie is the widow of Samuel R. McKelvie, former Governor of Nebraska, publisher of the distinguished Nebraska Farmer, and recipient of an honorary degree from the University of Nebraska in 1951. Governor McKelvie was a lifelong supporter of the University, and Mrs. McKelvie has pursued this interest avidly and has participated actively in the planning for this centennial year. We wish also to thank the following members of the University of Nebraska Centennial History Committee for their support and guidance: Harold Anderson, Burt James, Bennett S. Martin, Dr. Leon S. McGoogan, Mrs. Martha McKelvie, Albert T. Reddish, Joe W. Seacrest, Arthur Sweet, Walter W. White, Warren C. Wood, Elwood N. Thompson, Chairman, and James C. Olson, Secretary.


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