Charles Bessey, Letters, 1870s

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Given to Archives on 7/24/78 by Prof. Wilbur Gaffney. Acc #393

United States Postal Card WRITE THE ADDRESS ONLY ON THIS SIDE-THE MESSAGE ON THE OTHER To Prof. C. E. Bessey State Agricult. College Ames, Lowa.

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Closter, N. J. Oct. 20 - '73. My Dear Sir, Yours of 15th is rec'd. I have already enough subscribers to pay expenses of both projects. The "[Hep. Excia?]" will contain all our Carucica species and all others that of [Ab?] furnishes. You speak of Hornig Hepata from Mr. Curtis. He had some new things several of which I have named. I have now seen a collection of Hepits from [Esue E?] the names of which cannot be relied on!—Will keep a set of both "Hep. Excis" & [?] more for you and you may take this or not as you please. [?] Yours Austin

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Given to Archives on 7/24/78 by Prof. Wilbur Gaffney. Acc. #393 United States Postal Card LIBERTY SEP 19 To Prof. C.E. Bessey Ames Lowa

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March 24 1879

Dear Sir

Your letter of the 24th ult came safe to hand but absence from Dublin prevented my replying sooner.

I have to thank you for your kindness in [waiting ?] to [hear?] about my two little [books?] and I dont know that I can say much about changes in them. All I will say is that I prefer the classification of [monocotyledons?] & [Dicotyledons?] I have given as I am certain [Bentham?] & [Hawkins?] will soon be given up. If [ask?] too [much?]

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I would suggest that both classifications be given but leaving my books as nearly as possible intact and adding [Bentham?] & [Hawkins?] classification of Mono & Dicotyledons as an appendix.

You may correct two or three little blunders. (now being put right in the 2nd English edition.)


Page 41. line 3 from bottom of page. from t. lf. Wood-parenchyma two varieties read Wood prosenchyma.

Page 122. 6th line from bottom of page: fox

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