About the transcription project

Transcribe.unl.edu makes use of the crowd sourcing concept, allowing individuals to participate in transcribing historical documents. The overall goal of this project is to make documents, letters, and publications from Archives & Special Collections and the Center for Digital Resources in the Humanities more accessible. Through the help of volunteers, information from multiple resources can be made available for reading, for research, and for fun.

The Cornhusker yearbooks illustrate how useful a transcription can be. Yearbooks provide information on students, faculty, programs, and activities of the university through photos and stories. Having transcriptions of each page of each volume will allow the yearbooks to be fully searchable.

This site is built upon a customized distribution of the Content Management System, Drupal. The original distribution (http://drupal.org/project/transcribe_distribution), provided by The National Archives, contains specialized themes, modules and functionality designed to facilitate transcribing content of documents. Additional Drupal modules and some modifications were added to further customize the instance of Drupal for the particular needs and content of this project.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries supports this project through the assistance of the Archives & Special Collections, the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities (CDRH), Computer Operations and Research Services, and Development and Outreach.